The International Conference of Legal Regulators

Legal regulators are increasingly affected by globalisation as both lawyers and their clients look for cross border solutions to problems. The shrinking world also presents opportunities for regulators to exchange ideas and best practice.


The International Conference of Legal Regulators offers an opportunity for those who are involved in lawyer or legal services regulation to come together on a regular basis. A growing number of legal regulators have now met in London in 2012, in San Francisco in 2013 and again in London in 2014.  In 2015, the conference will take place in Toronto on 27-28 July, hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. For full details of how to register and to contact the organisers please go to the ILRC 2015 conference website



If you are interested in the International Conference of Legal Regulators, you may also like to attend the annual conference of the National Organisation of Bar Counsel which will be taking place in Chicago between 10-12 July, for more details see



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